What is a podcast? What are some good Podcasts to listen too?

A lot of people don’t know this, but there is some really good educational, and even entertaining content on the internet.

Podcast is a term that has outgrown its meaning. Today its just a definition for shows and content from the internet.  There are many ways to view and watch these podcasts.  

At home the easiest way is to get something like the Apple TV. For the more tech savvy people, you can hook your notebook up to the TV and watch using a web browser or a media application such as Boxee (which is how I do it). 

On the road, both iPhone and BlackBerry have solutions that will deliver this content to your phone ready for viewing at any time.  iPhones have it built into the iTunes store and anyone with a BlackBerry can use a program called PodTrapper for $10. 

Here are some of the better shows that I watch out there on the interwebs: 

So if you are tired of the same old censored TV programming, try a podcast.  I think you will find them very refreshing.

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