Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 Client for BlackBerry 6.0 / BlackBerry Torch

UPDATE: RIM released a new version that works with 6.0, simply go to their download section to get it.

Hey I just got the torch and I am loving it! Sure it’s a little laggy now and then and sometimes it doesn’t play nice with my WiFi but all in all, BEST BLACKBERRY EVER! The two things I mentioned I believe will be fixed with soon upcoming future releases of the OS.

However there is one problem, BES isn’t push my OCS / Communicator Client to the phone. I did a little Google Searching and didn’t find anything. Here is how I fixed it.

Special Note: If RIM releases a new version please don’t follow these directions anymore, this is just a work around for now and I am not responsible if you toast your torch 😉


1) Download the desktop version from RIM’s site:

2) Extract the following files to your desktop
– \oc2007\For_5.0.0\net_rim_bb_qm_oc2007.cod
– \oc2007\For_5.0.0\net_rim_bb_qm_oc2007_resource_en.cod

3) Download BBSAK 1.7 (if you don’t already have it) from here:

4) Open BBSAK (if no start menu short cut its here: C:\Program Files\BBSAK\BBSAK.exe)

5) Put in your device password (if you have one) then go to the Modify COD’s tab

6) Click on “JAD Maker”

7) Add the two files on your desktop, Name the App “Enterprise Manager”, give it a description, Version “2.5.20”, and Vendor is Research in Motion”.

8) Finally click Create JAD

9) Once its created click the INSTALL JAD button and select the newly created JAD file. NOTE: This may reboot the device, scared me a lot but it came up just fine after the boot and application works.

Thanks and let me know if you have any problems!

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I followed your instructions, my Torch re-booted, and I could not find the icon. I checked the Application Data via the Options -> Device Menu, and it is listed as installed, but the icon is not appearing anywhere for me to lunch it. I’m “showing all” icons and do not see it in any of the folders.

    Any ideas?

    1. Sorry I guess I should update the post, RIM released a version that does work so you dont need to follow these steps anymore. Just go to thier download section. Also it will be called “enterprise messenger” you may be looking for another name. Hope that helps.


  2. I see it, and it’s working

    Please disregard my last post.

    Thank you for posting your article.
    This is an incredibly helpful fix!

    Best Regards

      1. Hi Eric, I’ve installed the OCS, but when I try to connect to the service show me a message saying that ” Data service is not available” but the BES service is fine, and I send and receive messages from BES server. Is there any place to set up the type of connection or how can I solve it ?
        thanks in advance

        1. Do you have a Communicator Web Service server setup and BES is correctly setup to support? Also are you using 2007,2007 R2, or Lync?

  3. Thank you! I tried 2.5.46 and used “\oc2007\For_6.0.0\” and still worked! You saved me a lot of trouble.

  4. Hi Eric,
    I have followed ur instructions and i dont see the OC icon any where on my torch. Kindly Advice.

    Thank U

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