Fix: Facebook for BlackBerry contact and calendar sync disabled in 1.6

So with Facebook for Blackberry in version 1.5 they introduced three new options.

  • BlackBerry Calendar Application
  • BlackBerry Message Application
  • BlackBerry Contacts Application

They are really cool features. The Contacts Application sync’ed all my Facebook profile images with my contacts in BlackBerry. When someone calls, their profile photo shows on the caller ID.

Anyways, when I upgraded to 1.6, the Calendar and Contacts options grayed out and were no longer able to be selected.

UPDATE: The following directions are for a BES 4.x server, if you have a BES 5.x server please follow these directions:

After some research I came across this:

Basically RIM (who makes the Facebook app) decided that this functionally would be controlled by your IT admin (fortunately that’s me.) I followed the directions but I still couldn’t figure out where the new settings were in the IT policy.

I finally found them here:

Lastly, once the settings are configured you need to restart the BES services before the devices can take the new settings.